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Atlanta, Georgia

The major design objective was to build a house that takes full advantage of the unique site conditions and constraints. The 1.3 acre, heavily wooded lot, has an irregular shape with 30'of frontage and 80' of rise. The creek, which runs along one edge of the site, requires a 25' buffer. Zoning restrictions are limited to a maximum of 30% disturbance and 15% impervious surface. This challenging lot was a passed over lot at an attractive price in an exclusive neighborhood with new homes priced in a range of $5,000,000 - 15,000,000. The five level design solution, with minimal clearing of the site, results in a collection of unique spaces with a distinct relation to the exterior. The main living area which is accessed thru an outdoor foyer opens to outdoor living spaces, including the pool, creating a casual resort quality ambiance.

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